Legal Services

As members of the Legal Services Guild our Barrister Intermediary can help you access the legal assistance you require. Everything from general advice or the drafting of legal documents up to representation by leading Queen’s Counsel.

Furthermore, clients of our Legal Services department enjoy LawCard Membership providing them with a wide range of protective and cost saving benefits.

Making sure your loved ones are protected.
Every business should have one
An enhanced conveyancing service from LSG Conveyancing
Making sure someone you trust can take over if you lose capacity
The right support and assistance to make sure you can move on
Getting the best possible start
Making it your choice who takes over if you lose capacity
Making sure life insurance payouts go to the right people
Protecting you against those that would take advantage
Assisting you through the difficult time after someone has passed on
Making sure all your legal documents are watertight
Resolving matters satisfactorily and swiftly so you can move on
Staying at the top of your debtor’s priority list
Making sure you aren’t a victim
Making sure you get what was agreed
Support, advice and defense when you need it most
A delicate matter that requires experience and expertise
If it’s your good idea, let us help to protect it
Defending your ability to keep driving
Finding the best possible representation