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Why use a Trust as well as a Will

Why Use a Trust as Well as a Will?

Because Life is Full of ‘What ifs’:

For most of us, the reason for making a Will is because we want certainty. We want to be sure that the ones we care for most receive exactly what we want them to inherit from our estate with the minimum of delays and deductions after we have passed on.

A Will is essential to identify what you want to happen but it doesn’t deal with many of the ‘what ifs’ in life that can affect virtually all families and prevent your wishes from being respected or cause your heirs to lose their inheritance.

Barrister Intermediary - Are you interested in this qualification ?

Are you interested in becoming a Barrister Intermediary and the Legal services once qualified you can offer ?

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2nd ,3rd and 4th of February 2016 with a compulsory (post examinations) Advisor Day on the 25th of February 2016.

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Interesting Article - Case of Disputed Will

National newspapers have this week been reporting on a court case which sees 4 charities accusing a 95 year old woman of using a “suspicious” will to falsely secure a £1.6 million inheritance from a friend.

The charities believe that when Mrs Whelan (the deceased) prepared a will in 1982 stating that she left her inheritance to them. However, a will written in 1999 states that Mrs Turner was the beneficiary. Mrs Whelan died in 2012 and, as Mrs Turner now suffering from Alzheimer’s, it is her son Alan who the charities have taken to court.